Spray paint

0101. White 0202. Black 0303. Yellow lemon 0404. Carmine red 0505. Green
606. Ultramarine 607. Brown 608. Yellow deep 609. Vermilion red 610. Permanent blue

11. Grey pale


12. Grey deep


13. Rich gold


14. Pale gold

615. Silver

16. Chrome gold

617. Chrome silver 618. Ducat gold  


 = Price Group

 = Available in 500 ml pot

Opacity and glazing properties

The opacity of a pigmented colour is not only depending on the thickness of the colour application but also on the kind and concentration of the pigment as well as on the kind binder in the colour. all colours have been submitted to the same testing method: satndardized application on black and white striped saturated base. this allows a classification with the following 4 symbols:

  Opaque Semi-opaque Semi-transparent Transparent


This describes the durability of a colour in daylight. A number of influencing factors play a role too, like intensity of sunlight, temperature, moisture, oxygen or gas content of the air.

Excellent Good  MediumLimited  Less Not

Color Index and Pigments names

The Color Index system is an international standard to denominate dyes and pigments. A combination of letters and numbers indicate the colour category. For example: PO 20, means Pigment Orange 20. Color Index names are: PW (Pigment White) / PY (Pigment Yellow) / PO (Pigment Orange) / PR (Pigment Red) / PV (Pigment Violet) / PB (Pigment Blue) / PG (Pigment Green) / PBr (Pigment Brown) / PBk (Pigment Black).


The Art&Grafik Spray acrylic paints are suitable for all kinds of decoration and DIY work. They are perfect for stage designs or bigger areas. They are very versatile and can be applied on many different materials, including paper, wood, metal, plastic, glass, Styrofoam, concrete, or other degreased surfaces. Only chromium colours and ducat gold are unsuitable for Styrofoam. They are available as convenient 200 ml spray.