Coloured pencils


RENESANS 'Natural' - SET OF 12 soft fine art coloured pencils in metal box

RENESANS 'Natural' - SET OF 24 soft fine art coloured pencils in metal box

RENESANS 'Natural' - SET OF 48 soft fine art coloured pencils in metal box

RENESANS 'Acquerello' - SET OF 24  fine art watercolour pencils in metal box

Fine art coloured pencils “Natural”

High-quality artistic coloured pencils by RENESANS made of cedar wood are advantageous drawing products everyone should try. The insert (diameter 3.7 mm) was made of the best pigments, high-quality wax and a drop of oil, which is a good binder. Thanks to it, pencils are soft and slightly greasy, which allows you to rub them gently even with tortillon.  Such composition of coloured pencils ensures softness and easy layering. Even delicate strokes will create expressive lines and shades, both cold and warm. They are intense and saturated. Coloured pencils are characterized by a good lightfastness, which prevents the drawings from fading. Cedar wood provides lightness and durability and it is comfortable to hold. During sharpening and drawing coloured pencils do not break. In the set of 48 colors, in particular, the ranges of browns and blues have been expanded. Available in beautiful sets

Watercolour artistic coloured pencils “Acquarelle”

Acquerelle Renesans – watercolour artistic coloured pencils in a cedar wood have many advantages. The core/insert (3.7 mm) is made of good quality pigments and a binder that allows the pencils to dissolve easily with water. Their optimal composition ensures softness and comfort of creating a drawing, allowing at the same time the sketch thin down quickly with water. Acquerelle Renesans tint very well, giving interesting effects coming from the combination of the pencil’s trace and the smudges typical for watercolours. The shades are delicate, and the range of 24 colors offers both cold and warm colors. It is recommended to work with a bit of water. Cedar wood gives lightness and durability, making the pencils comfortable to hold. During sharpening or drawing coloured pencils do not break. Available in beautiful sets in metal boxes in a range of 24 colors, with a picture referring to the idea of water and color on the box cover. They are perfect for a gift, and thanks to their properties they will inspire everyone to draw and to create with joy.