FORM ART – an environmental and user friendly water-based fabric hardener. Developed to create all kinds of three-dimensional works: figures, textures, decorations, sculptures and reliefs. FORM ART is perfect to firmly stiffen natural materials, in particular fabrics, paper, cardboard and leather. Additionally, by adding cellulose fibers to the liquid, you can prepare a self-hardening plastic mass that allows to create any shape. When shaped, can be coloured with acrylic paints, with patina for a stone effect or for metal imitation with metallic shades. To create some other structures you can also add sand, sawdust or other non-plastic powdery materials. This product opens up new possibilities for our imagination. The liquid is milky in color, but becomes transparent when dry. If you add acrylic paint from the Renesans series or pigment, we will obtain a colored hardener in the desired shade.
Before use, the product must be well mixed, either by shaking or mixing with a suitable tool. Then fabric should be soaked in FORM ART and gently wrung out of the excess liquid. The wet fabric should be placed on the prepared form or on the surface, giving it the appropriate shape. Leave to dry for 48 hours, decorate, and after 2-3 weeks, start varnishing, especially if the work will be exposed to weather conditions. For best protection we suggest to cover the final work with even two or three layers of varnish if the sculptures or decorations are to be placed outside. We recommend waterproof varnishes such as lustrina varnish from the Renesans range, the application of which is possible after complete drying and hardening of the work, preferably after a few weeks