Acrylic Colors

Traditional acrylic paint with Maxi Acril gloss. Thanks to the application of high quality resin and careful selection of European, American, and domestic pigments, these paints offer high resistance to light and many colours. They compose a durable and flexible layer with moderate and uniform gloss. The range includes 48 colours, all of which can be mixed together, and 7 metallic colours available in 60 ml aluminium tubes.

Colours matte acrylic paint. Thanks to the application of special resin and pigments, these paints produce a deep matte layer, offer intensive colours, and have good resistance to light. The range includes 30 colours, all of which can be mixed together, and 7 metallic colours. Packaging: 20 ml aluminium tube, 125 ml glass jar, and 500 ml or 1200 ml plastic jars.

Renesans A’KRYL is a new paint line made for artists, students, and amateurs looking for good quality for a reasonable price. All colours were specially prepared to obtain maximum semimatte and colour purity. They contain a high quantity of pigments resistant to light with a high opacity level. After drying, the colours produce a slightly satin effect. They are easy to mix with each other and other acrylic paints.