Water Based Glue

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Water Based Primer

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Primer Cracking Mas

Base for Cracking Varnish

Cracking Varnish

Ageing Varnish

Final matt varnish

Final Satin Varnish

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Varnish velvet touch & frost effect

Glaze Look Varnish

Matt flatting wax

Satin flatting wax

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Transfer medium


Blackboard Effect Paint

Gift sets for decoupage

Gift set for decoupage - set I

Gift set for decoupage - set II


Decoupage is an old technique that uses pieces of paper for decoration purposes. This technique can be applied on most materials, including ceramics, wood, glass, textiles, and metal, providing the decorated objects with a richer and more personal flavour. The pieces of paper are adhered to the object with a special adhesive and subsequently the whole object is coated with glossy or matte varnish to make the paper edges invisible. You can choose a specific varnish for the effect of glass, antique, or cracking.
The product range includes starter kits, water primers, decoupage adhesives for various surfaces, finishing varnishes, waxes, transfer agents, papers, and books about the technique.