Gold & gilding

Renesans for Gilding and Conservation offers an extensive range of means, tools, and high-class dedicated materials. The gilding process sees covering a surface with a metal layer imitating gold. The aim of gilding is to provide the decorated objects with the noble appearance, splendour, and values of gold at a considerably lower price.

Gilding materials include gold, silver, bronze, tin, zinc, aluminium, or metal alloys (so-called schlagmetal), applied with various techniques as leaf, power, paste, or paint. There are two basic ways of gold leaf gilding: pulment gilding and mixtion gilding. Pulment, or bolus, is an adhesive, which is polished and used to apply leaf layers by moistening the base with a layer of alcohol. Gilding on mixtion, which is a specially prepared oily varnish, sees adhesion of gold leafs in a way that their edges barely overlap and subsequent polishing of the gilded surface with specially framed precious stones.

We recommend the GOLDPASTA gilding pastes for retouch, gilding, and conservation. For best effects, use on slightly porous surfaces.