Stretched canvases and other

Canvas in Rolls - Triple Primed

70% cotton, 30% polyurethane
330 g

75% cotton, 25% polyurethane
320 g

75% cotton, 25% polyurethane
280 g

75% cotton 25% polyurethane
280 g

100% jute

100% linen
390 g

Stretched canvas





Painting loom aluminum


Stretched canvases and other

The most popular and most frequently used painting support is grounded stretched canvas. This is the noblest form suitable for painting. However, this material requires special preparation and must be stretched well on the frame. The best material for painting canvas is fabric made of plain weaves of identical thickness. It should be noted that canvas is prone to humidity and temperature changes, which means that it continuously deforms and, if it has uneven load points, the layer of the applied paint could simply start cracking. A canvas used to make Renesans supports receives two coats of a universal base – acrylic gesso. We use cotton canvas with 280 g basis weight and an exceptionally smooth structure.
The Renesans Poland supports are produced with moving-wedge looms made of several boards joined by a rabbet system with no adhesive. Fixing the wedge, which is a wooden triangle, allows for spreading of the boards in the corners and, if required, adjusting and stretching the canvas.

The product range includes: canvas in rolls of various basis weight and composition, primed supports on stretchers in various sizes, painting boards, canvas stretching tools.