Screen printing ink

Titanium White

Lamp Black

Process Yellow

Process Magenta

Process Cyan

Cadmium Red

Transparent base




Serigraphy (Screen Printing)

The demands on the drawing material vary immeassurably according to many factors: the surface roughness of the printing plate (imestone, metal, polyester, wood etc.), the composition and properties of the printing ink, papers, the printing process itself, and so on. Thus, the drawing material must itself be appropriate to the demands of the artist, and to the demands of the technical implementation of printing.

Professional acrylic screen printing paint. Perfect for use on paper, textiles and wood. Water based. Designed for screen printing on posters and graphics. Abrasion resistant. The result is a deep, rich, poster-like finish. Non-toxic. Manufactured without any use of solvents. No unpleasant smell. To increase transparency, mix with Transparent Base. To slow down the drying time, mix with Acrylic Delay Medium. Wash off with soap and water.