Varnishes & additives


Rafined Linseed Oil

Stand Linseed Oil

Safflower Oil

Linseed Oil Varnish

Resin Oil Medium

Fluix - Siccative Medium

Medium Veneziano

Turpentine Oil

Tung Oil   

Siccatives & Fixatives

Siccative Light

Siccative Dark

Siccative Complete

Cobalt Siccative

Transparent Fixative

Rosins Fixative



Balsamic Turpentine

Eco Thinner

Orange Turpentine

Odourless Thinner

White Spirit

Vegetable Based Solvent



Medium and a Water Varnish with Gloss for Acrylics

Medium & Waterbased Satin Varnish for Acrylics

Delaying Medium for Acrylic Paints

Delaying Gel-Medium for Acrylics


Damar Varnish Gloss Anti-UV

Damar Varnish Matt Anti-UV

Retouching Varnish

Damar Varnish Satine Anti-UV

Damar Varnish Super Matt Anti-UV

Damar Wax Varnish Semi-Matt

Concentrated Damar

Mastic Varnish

Sandrac Varnish

Amber Varnish


Additives for Watercolours and Tempera

Medium for Gouache

Gouache and Temperas

Arabgum Solved in Water

OX Gall Fluid

Permanent Masking Medium

Maskol (Masking Film)

Maskol (Masking Film)


Auxiliaries in aerosol

Gloss Damar VarnishSatin Damar VarnishMatt Damar VarnishSiccative
Final Acrylic VarnishFixative  

Varnishes & additives

In the art world, undoubted importance attaches to such features as the artist’s power of expression and technique, and the strength of colour. Over the years, importance has also come to be attached to media, and also to additives that enable modification of the properties and power of expression of the paint itself. Renesans can boast a wide range of classical additives, as well as some very modern ones that result from the active search for new improved solutions.