Varnishes & additives

Ecological auxiliaries

Siccative oil medium

Eco thinner

Eco brush cleaner

Oil medium eco

Hydropower medium

Vegetable based solvent

Dissolvents & cleaners

White spirit

Odourless thinner

Lavender essence

Turpentine essence

Balsamic turpentine

Orange turpentine

Media including oils

Medium and water varnish with gloss for acr.

Delaying medium for acrylic

Glazing medium

Medium and a water matt varnish for acr.

Medium and a water satin varnish for acr.

Resin oil medium

Refined linseed oil

Tung oil

Turpentine oil

Linseed oil varnish

Stand linseed oil

Fluix - siccative medium

Poppy oil

Walnuts oil

Safflower oil

Delaying gel medium for acr.

Medium veneziano

Cold wax medium

Venetian turpentine

Silicone oil


Dammar varnish mat

Dammar varnish satine

Dammar varnish gloss

Dammar wax varnish

Dammar varnish super matt

Concentrated extra gloss varnish

Dammar retouching varnish

Amber varnish

Ageing varnish

Cracking varnish

Mastic varnish

Siccatives and fixatives

Siccative light

Siccative dark

Siccative complete

Cobalt siccative

Transp. fixative for pastels and distemp.

Rosin fixative

Auxiliaries for watercolours and tempera

Medium for gouache

Final varnish for acrylics

Liquid gum arabic

Ox gal liquid

Permanent masking medium

Granulation medium

Final varnish fixative matt for gouache and tempera

Final varnish fixative matt for watercolours

Honey-based watercolour medium

Watercolour ground

Masking powder

Masking fluid for watercolour

Spray bottles

Dammar varnish gloss Dammar varnish satin Dammar varnish matt Final acrylic varnish
Varnish acrylic enamel gloss Varnish acrylic enamel matt Fixative Siccative

Others auxiliaries

Pouring medium

Acrylic binder

Vegetable soap for brushes

Impasto fine for oils

Impasto coarse for oils

Impasto lake translucent for oils


Varnishes & additives

In the art world, undoubted importance attaches to such features as the artist’s power of expression and technique, and the strength of colour. Over the years, importance has also come to be attached to media, and also to additives that enable modification of the properties and power of expression of the paint itself. Renesans can boast a wide range of classical additives, as well as some very modern ones that result from the active search for new improved solutions.