Textile Colours

The TEX line of textile watercolours is composed of 16 colours, which can all be mixed with each other. They can be applied on various textiles, which should be washed before being decorated. White cotton provides the best results. The paint can be applied with a brush or aerograph. After the paint dries, it should be thermally fixed through ironing of the other side of the textile at the temperature appropriate to the given textile. For brighter, more transparent colours, we recommend application of a fabric paint agent. The products are available in 50 ml or 100 ml plastic jars.
Outliner for contours, protecting from paint spilling on silk.

The paint spills only into the contour to ensure a precise sketch. It is available both colourless and in several colours. It is recommended to make a hole in the plastic cap and twist it back on, which will additionally ensure applicator stability. For thinner lines, fix any steel threaded end on the applicator or pour the paint into a special bottle for silk painting. Guta is available in special 20 ml containers with applicators.