Oil colors

At Renesans, we believe we have a responsibility to every artist – a person that choose our paints.  So we honor their choice by continually working to create the best paint possible.
We select the finest pigments and binders. Our goal is to make paints Renesans made in Poland to be synonymous with quality.

Our environmental commitment goes beyond producing solvent-free paint for artists.
Oil paints are made with pigment that is suspended in a binder.  We use the finest linseed and safflower oil as a binder. These are plant-based, all natural and nontoxic.

Oils for Art are unique artist grade paints produced with a sophisticated manufacturing process to meet the highest standards. They contain the best quality of traditional artist’s pigments.  Additionally, we are excited about several newly developed pigments.  All of these are highly concentrated.

These formulas result in paint that is very pure with a lot of depth making them easy to mix.  Oils for Art paints are unique to other paints on the market because we use the old masters’ method  of combining oil with pigments that have been ‘pre-covered’ in linseed oil.  Our recipe uses different varieties of linseed oil that have been purified using a highly sophisticated process. Our production of white tones uses a mixture of oils based on safflower oil from Belgium. We use very minimal amounts of other agents and additives to provide consistency and harmony in the painting and drying process as pigment and oil are not sufficient on their own.

People who have allergies or sensitivities are more likely to have reactions to the solvents and thinners that are used to dilute the paint or clean brushes, not the paint itself. We suggest in a case like this to use our Vegetable Solvent for brushes and accessories cleaning and Solvents Free Siccative Oil Medium to add flow to the paint.