01. Titanium white oxide
PW 6

02. Cadmium yellow citron
PY 35

03. Cadmium yellow radiant
PY 35

04. Cadmium yellow deep
PO 20

05. Cadmium orange
PO 20

06. Cadmium red light
PR 108

07. Cadmium red deep
PR 108

08. Cadmium carmine
PR 108

09. Cobalt blue light
PB 28

10. Cobalt blue deep
PB 28

11. Turquoise Cobalt
PB 36

12. Prussian blue
PB 27

13. Ultramarine
PB 29

14. Cobalt violet
PV 16

15. Cobalt green light
PG 50

16. Cobalt green
PG 50

17. Chromium oxide green
PG 17

18. Olive green earth
PG 17

19. Naples yellow
PB 28

20. Mars yellow light
PBr 24

21. Mars yellow deep
PY 42

22. Orange ochre
PY 42

23. Mars rose
PR 233

24. Mars red light
PR 101

25. Mars red deep
PR 101

26. Mars red bordeaux
PR 101

27. Mars brown
PBr 6

28. Carbon black
PBlk 7


Opacity and glazing properties

The opacity of a pigmented colour is not only depending on the thickness of the colour application but also on the kind and concentration of the pigment as well as on the kind binder in the colour. all colours have been submitted to the same testing method: satndardized application on black and white striped saturated base. this allows a classification with the following 4 symbols:

  opaque  Semi-opaque   Semi-transparent   transparent


This describes the durability of a colour in daylight. A number of influencing factors play a role too, like intensity of sunlight, temperature, moisture, oxygen or gas content of the air.

8 – Excellent  – Very good  – Good

Color Index and Pigments names

The Color Index system is an international standard to denominate dyes and pigments. A combination of letters and numbers indicate the colour category. For example: PO 20, means Pigment Orange 20. Color Index names are: PW (Pigment White) / PY (Pigment Yellow) / PO (Pigment Orange) / PR (Pigment Red) / PV (Pigment Violet) / PB (Pigment Blue) / PG (Pigment Green) / PBr (Pigment Brown) / PBk (Pigment Black).


The EXTRA Renesans oil paint line is based only on inorganic pigments and with high quality saffron oil . The line offers exceptionally clean and intense colours and high resistance to light. Specifically natural cadmiums, cobalts, and iron oxides. The special formula and careful production process provide a unique product with nice consistency and saturation and strong expression. Individual colours have different drying time (between 2 and 8 days), which can be reduced with appropriate agents.
The range includes 28 paint colours available in 20 ml tubes.