01. Titanium White

02. Primary yellow

03. Primary red

04. Cadmium red

05. Emerald green

06. Lamp black

07. Ultramarine blue

08. Primary blue

09. Sepia

10. Yellow ochre

11. Sanguine



H2Oil PRINT – unique printmaking ink for relief printing (linocut, xylography, etc.). This ink with pleasant scent is based on linseed oil, is solvent free and perfectly washable with water, even when already dry. As other oil paints
it is easy to apply and has short drying time on paper. The range of Renesans H2Oil PRINT colours consists of 11 brilliant shades and 1 Transparent Medium. We recommend applying the Renesans Transparent Fixative as a finish to protect the artwork or for apply the next layer of colour.
The high-quality H2Oil PRINT colours contain organic and non-organic pigments with highest light fastness and excellent intensity (especially black). Can be overprinted with other colours. They are intermixable, ready to use and can be diluted with water. Printing tools can be easily cleaned up with water. All colours are available in tubes of 60 ml; Black also in plastic jars of 250 and 500 ml.