01. Zinc white

02. Titanium white

03. Ivory
PW4 PW6 PY42

04. Naples yellow
PW6 PY42 PR101

05. Naples yellow rose
PW6 PY42 PR101 PBr6

06. Lemon yellow

07. Primary yellow

08. Cadmium yellow (hue)

09. Yellow chrome (hue)

10. Cadmium orange (hue)
PY83 PR254

11. Scarlet vermillion
PY65 PR254

12. Cadmium red pale (hue)
PR254 PR48:4

13. Cadmium red deep (hue)

14. Carmine
PR48:4 PR101

15. Brilliant rose
PW6 PR122

16. Brilliant violet
PW6 PV23 PR122

17. Prussian blue

18. Ultramarine blue

19. Cobalt blue (hue)
PB15:1 PB29

20. Primary blue cyan

21. Coeruleum blue
PW6 PB15:1 PG7

22. Turquoise aquamarine
PW6 PG7 PW22 PB15:1

23. Royal blue
PW6 PW4 PB15:1 PV23

24. Brilliant green
PY3 PY74 PB15:3

25. Cinnabar green pale
PY74 PY42 PB15:1

26. Cinnabar green deep
PY83 PB15:3 PY42

27. Sap green
PY83 PG8 PG7

28. Green earth
PY42 PG7 Plk11

29. Yellow ochre

30. Orange ochre

31. Red ochre pale

32. Red ochre deep

33. Amaranth ochre

34. Brown ochre

35. Earth umbra
PR101 PBr6 PY83 PBk11

36. Vandyke brown
PR101 PBk11

37. Mineral grey
PW6 PW4 PBk11 PY42

38. Natural indigo (hue)
PB15:1 PR101

39. Lamp black


Available in 500 ml pot

Opacity and glazing properties

The opacity of a pigmented colour is not only depending on the thickness of the colour application but also on the kind and concentration of the pigment as well as on the kind binder in the colour. all colours have been submitted to the same testing method: satndardized application on black and white striped saturated base. this allows a classification with the following 4 symbols:

  opaque  Semi-opaque   Semi-transparent  transparent


This describes the durability of a colour in daylight. A number of influencing factors play a role too, like intensity of sunlight, temperature, moisture, oxygen or gas content of the air.

8 - Excellent  - Very good  - Good

Color Index and Pigments names

The Color Index system is an international standard to denominate dyes and pigments. A combination of letters and numbers indicate the colour category. For example: PO 20, means Pigment Orange 20. Color Index names are: PW (Pigment White) / PY (Pigment Yellow) / PO (Pigment Orange) / PR (Pigment Red) / PV (Pigment Violet) / PB (Pigment Blue) / PG (Pigment Green) / PBr (Pigment Brown) / PBk (Pigment Black).


The range of 39 colours of BLUR oil paints thanks to the high pigment content yields perfect results, both in pure and mixed colours. The balanced colour palette offers matt colours as well as two types of white. Thanks to a balanced formula based on high quality linseed oil, Blur offers a uniform drying time and a smooth consistency that characterizes the whole colour palette. All 39 colours are available in 200ml aluminium tubes and titanium white and zinc white are available also in a 500 ml tin.